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Why the words “Natural Stone Jewelry” !!

We focus a lot on the words Natural Stone Jewelry because we take extreme great care in providing you with REAL FINE STONES in all our jewelries.


There is an excessively big amount of false stone jewelry being sold all over the world  in the name of being real stone jewelry (and one of our goal is to provide you tools to see and feel the difference: coming soon)


We love real stones and will never want to dream of selling false stones. We are engineer in geology as a university formation and most of the time while looking at so-called stone jewelry in the market we can see in a fraction of second that they are not, but most people do not have this education.


Our suppliers share the same love of  REAL FINE STONES  and will not want anything else


We hope you can share this love with us


Yes, we do use other materials inside our jewelry, but the core of our every one of our creations is  REAL FINE STONES


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