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For Director of Yoga clubs in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, January 2013

Dear Director of Yoga club,

My name is Guy Tetreault a Canadian entrepreneur living in Chiang Mai.

I would like to suggest to you a very easy, profitable fundraising suggestion for your yoga school.

Since 14 years, in Canada, I am selling a special concept of jewelry made with real, natural and fine stones that are extremely popular with people interacted in yoga and meditation.I sold more than 300 thousands of those jewelries in Canada and now that I am living most of the year in Chiang Mai so I would like to suggest a long term partnership that could be most interested for you.

You can sell my jewelry in your store with a good profit or we can just arrange fund raising events, also for the profit of your school.

I suggest that you come to one of my free demonstration on how stone jewelry can be applied to yoga and meditation as a basis for us to meet and then discuss further on how we can work together on this.I am giving such a demonstration, Sunday, February 3 at my house and you are most welcome to come with some of your friends and partners.

Much better even is to arrange such a workshop and demonstration at your own yoga school.I am not charging anything, just working on the donation basis, I just ask that there be a minimum of the ten attendants to the event.I suggest we make it 3hours in the morning time weekend day or night time for 2.5 hours.I will be available until February 15 only, because after that I have to prepare to go to Canada for a few months.

It will be very easy to organize such event as I have the poster ready for you (sample images below).You just haveto fill up the place, date, and time in the blank white space, and gather the names from interested people

If there is any further inquiry from you, you can phone or email me.I will be glad to make a long term profitable relationship between me and your yoga school.


Guy Tetreault

Writer and teacher of Yoga, Vedanta…
President of Rassa Natural Stone Jewelry – www.rassa.biz

See my personal website at www.GuyTetreault.com

Contact Info

tel1 -66 826997506
tel2 -66 886001305
tel3-66 871232945

Here is the link to send invitation to the event to anyone you want

Learn the use of Natural Stones


PDF of all those images below are availale upon your request
note : click to zppm

Invitation to come to my first presentation on february 3


Sample poster you can use to announce a workshop at your own school



Also available in black and wait for easy photocopy
(all files for those spplied after initial conclusive arrangements between us)


Part 2 : More informations abut Yoga Jewelry and our Business Proposition

1- To see pictures of our Jewelry Follow this link — all our jewelry can be utilised with yoga consciousness


Click here to see a new Gallery of photo specially designed for Yoga Jewelry



2- Get more info about Yoga Jewelry (page still in progress)


3- A sample presentation of what we usually do for retail stores

See a full page version of this presentation at this link
Please note that more options are also available for your yoga club

4- preliminary info about our Business Proposition

Our complete business proposition for Yoga Jewelry will be presented fully on the 3rd of February, workshop, but here are some features:

  •  We are giving you complete system for easily  - We supply the jewelry.  The display and the information card about what is the yoga jewelry.  You have no work to do
  •   We can offer you a “guaranteed sale formula” - This way there is no risk for you to be in problem with selling the unwanted jewelry.  We can take back the unsold stocks so that you have no risk in your partnership with us (certain conditions will apply).
  • Our system is a well oiled repeat-sales engine - Many more information about yoga jewelry will be given in the next few week’s months and years in the form or blog post, film, video and audio recording so that year after year, your students will get a better and better understanding on how they can use stone jewelry for their own yoga practice.

If you want further information about the way we function email the president:

Guy Tetreault

tel -   0826997506 (Chiang Mai)

photo below : one of the available system to sell jewelry in Chiang Mai


5-  Get the inner access to Rassa’s Natural Stone Jewelry Sales System

Fill-up this form if you are serious to know about the various ways and tools we give you to sell our Natural Stone Jewelry and we will give you access to our special secret website dedicated to that purpose

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