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Practical application: How to use stone jewelry according to yoga principles of life



We not only design our jewelry according to the ancient yogic principles, we also give you the knowledge to tap into that great well of well-being

Their are unlimited ways to use real natural stones in your yoga practices and meditation

Here are some of them that you can use in conjunction with the illustrations below, showing you some important characteristics of some of the most important stones used in yoga.

1- Seeing the illustration below and find the name of stones you wear, than simply meditate one of the characteristic described about that stone.

2- Get acquainted with the Chakra (s) related to that stone. This can create a special connection between you, the stone and a particular aspect of yourself that is linked to the Chakra.

3- Enhance one of the powers of the stone by meditating on both that quality specific to that stone and the Chakra related to it


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Note: More informations about the the Chakras has as many more characteristic of those stones and many more are available for the members of our Stone Lover Club.