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Meditation Charms

A revolutionary spiritual ornament

We want to introduce a very special type of stone design, utilization and presentation.

It’s a new and revolutionary ornament and also a new way to use stones.

It’s like a pendulum but much more
it is like a lucky charm but much more.
We call it a meditation charms


Meditation charms can really increases a lot of bliss, consciousness, and awareness and spiritual awakening… if used in a proper meditative way

In the future we will have special classes and conferences to explain how to use them. In the meantime you can look at our links of yoga jewelry to learn some very special way to use those mediation charms.

Even if you don’t know how to meditate and use stones in meditation these very beautiful and practical charms have very special utilities:

  • you can place them near your computer to counteract the negative vibrations of the computer and increase your wellness.
  • You can put them near the mirror to multiply their shininess and your consciousness of life.
  • You can put them your personal altar to enhance your spiritual power and the power of your practice.
  • You can put them near your doors or windows to bring them closer to light and activate their power for counteracting negative energy entering the house.
  • You can put them in any room places to increase the beauty of any room in the house
  • They can balance the Feng Shui in houses and offices
  • you can put them in any sanctified place to make it more sanctified.
  • They havc all uses of pendants
  • they are ideal to be put in cars near the mirror to remind you of your own inner meditations.

See our special 7 chakras pendants below

use the link to very special yoga jewelry to learn how to use stones for meditation with chakras and greatly enhance the use of those very special meditation charms.


Here are a few pictures of our models for our meditation charms (more pictures are to come later)

Please click on images below to see larger display

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