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Make $

Anyone can sell our jewelry
wheter you own a few stores or have a few friends interested in stones, we have several ways for you to sell our jewelry

1- We have several display system for big stores


2- Or we have simple systems by whic anyone with a tablet or a PC can do it



At Rassa Natural Stone Jewelry
we give priority to our resellers

That’s why we dont sell much jewelry trough our website
we prefer that those who got in touch with our jewelry
go back to where they get their first jewelry
to buy more from them

and if you are interested
in selling our jewelry
you can just contact us

No need to be a big store owner
anyone who has a website or a tablet
can sell our jewelry easily


3 things you can do if you have any interest about selling our jewelry

  1. To see other opportunities click on the CATEGORY Opportunity
  2. Learn about our presentation philosophy by reading and meditation on all texts of our CATEGORY Presentation
  3. Get access to our dedicated special website giving all tools for profitable sales in one of the choice of CONTACT US
    (this is where all the best information is)


Special Opportunity: if you are in thailand you can sell some of our jewelry by following this link