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Gallery of photos 2

This gallery is dedicated to jewelry specially designed for our concept of Yoga Jewelry


On the 3rd of february we will be doing a workshop on the subject in Chiang Mai, Thailand

(see more info here) and many of those models will be on sale for this occasion.


Operating instructions: Just click on the small images below to have a pop-up of the gallery bigger images. THEN Click on the image to see the scrolling arrows to move to the next photo., pr just click on the very small arrows on the lower left corner

Some of the yoga Jewelry available and designed in Chiang Mai

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See it sparkling like when you can put those real shining stones directly under the sun

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Some of the pendants we use for our Yoga Jewelry  — with some very amazing 7 Chakras pendants

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 Here are more of the same Jewelry available in Chiang Mai (and soon every here else) seen in more nautral settings and different angles

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SEE IT LIVE!     This next one shows another  serie of Yoga Jewelry with different pendansts as worn on a young person

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Come back to this page because we will be adding a lot of new months in the folowing weeks

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