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Get FREE jewelry

We love to give free jewelry for those who are lovers of natural stone jewelry

Here are various ways by which you can get free jewelry now and we are working on more ways to give you free jewelry in the long run.


Easy: give a testimonial

* Share your experience with others trough a lively testimonial.
* Tell us how and why are you using our jewelry
* Give tips and web links and appreciation

The best testimonials will receive free necklaces !


Find some more places where we can put our jewelry

Another extremely good way to get free jewelry is to find for us stores and outlets by where we can sell our jewelry. If you have any contact with any people having a store where our jewelry could be sold, whether it is natural health food store, a new age store, a gift shop in a natural place, or a museum, please give us the address and name of the contact person and how you are related to him and we will do all the rest of the work to describe our products to them in a very colourful way.
If we can strike a deal with them, we will be glad to give you an interesting quantity of free jewelry. Contact us and get up to $500 of wonderful jewelry.


Affiliate programs

We are extremely interested in doing affiliate programs with anyone who has a large quantity of names in his list. Affiliates have a percentage of sales for every jewelry sold. So, please contact us if you need more details this affiliate program. You can also have several $100 in jewelry reward by connecting us to anyone who is interested in an affiliate program.


Fundraising events

We also want to organize fundraising events for various groups: yoga groups, non-profit organisations… any group of people who is seeking a colourful and interesting ways to collect funds for their various needs. If you have connections with any group people which understands rarity and value of natural stone jewelry, please contact us.


Note on postal charges:

Postal charges can be very expensive.

Sometimes, we may have to charge you the postage of our free jewelry, especially if you live outside of Canada. This will be decided according to you address.

But, of course, for those who give us special and outstanding help we will gladly send the jewelry free of charge to you whenever possible.



Please contact us to give us a detailed proposition


Note: Keep on eye on our blog to learn about new ways by which you can get free jewelry