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4 tips for those who may have an interest in selling our jewelry

  1. Go to our web page : Make $
  2. Important tip: To see other opportunities click on the CATEGORY Opportunity
  3. Learn about our presentation philosophy by reading and meditation on all texts of our CATEGORY Presentation
  4. Get access to our dedicated special website giving all tools for profitable sales in one of the choice of CONTACT US
    (this is where all the best information is)

For those who love stones and $ : complete kits ready

Great opportunity for those who love stones and $

complete kits ready for you to sell them by yourself !!


The only difficulty will be get the jewelry sent to your particular country
but for now things are reasonably simple for Canada or Thailand.

Follow this link to see a sample offer we do in Thailand

Contact us if you want to sell the jewelry on your area

Excerpt from: “The 1 page Sales Tip summary for Rassa’s Enthusiastic Repeat-Sales partners”

2- Connect more – More intimate approach

a.        Give them specialized knowledge of the stone

                                                               i.      many people prefer to be to be told or guided in their choice stones, so please learn some characteristics of some stones.  Here are 4 of the major stones with one characteristics and learning this might be enough for you.


·         Crystal:  good for purity of heart and thoughts

·         Amethyst: good for intuition and intelligence

·         Garnet: good for giving good energy and protection

·         Rose Quartz: this is the stone to enhance love and attract love in one’s life.


You can also learn of few more stones:  please read our booklet to get more information on stones and interest more to people. 

Many people want to know very fast what stones is best for them without thinking too much: the more you know about the stones, the more you can help them

Excerpt from: “The 1 page Sales Tip summary for Rassa’s Enthusiastic Repeat-Sales partners
(one of the many tols we give you to sell our jewelry)

Opportunity for all salesman in thailand

Special opportunity for all salesman in thailand:
whether you have a store or you sell in at a rmarlet table

Resellers wanted for new and unique stone jewelry made in Chiang Mai

For those who want to sell something very beneficial to all


  • Real stones jewelry almost of the same price to plastic but much more beneficial and practical than plastic. 
  • We give you all tools to sell including a sheet of stone benefit that you can show to your customers and we can give them much more information on our website.


Real stone at very low price, you won’t find any better price for real stones in all of Thailand. 

·         Easy to start beautiful complete package. Displays are available and Information sheet are given (see the back of this page for sample presentations possible)


·         Website is filled of information that customers can look at and come back to buy from you (We don’t sell on our website we want them to buy back from you). 

Special facilities for new product trial·  

  • Guaranteed sales agreement can be done : NO RISK FOR YOU TO LOOSE MONEY
  • Small complete package of 10 jewelry start at 2890 Baths (3E1, 3E3, 3E4, 1E5 = display and cards)

Here are some of the ways you can present the jewelry 


Close-up detail 



Contact us now to profit from this offer limited to a few serious persons

Sale of the month: Valentine day special

For this month we cannot escape having something for Valentine’s day


The major stone of this necklace is ROSE QUARTZ: the stone of love


Sorry this sale is closed.
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because the sale lasts for only one day

Get free jewelry

We love to give free jewelry for those who are lovers of natural stone jewelry. 

Here are various ways by which you can get free jewelry now and we are working on more ways to give you free jewelry in the long run. 


Easy: give a testimonial 

* Share your experience with others trough a lively testimonial.
* Tell us how and why are you using our jewelry
* Give tips and web links and appreciation 

The best testimonials will receive free necklaces ! 


Find some more places where we can put our jewelry 

Another extremely good way to get free jewelry is to find for us stores and outlets by where we can sell our jewelry. If you have any contact with any people having a store where our jewelry could be sold, whether it is natural health food store, a new age store, a gift shop in a natural place, or a museum, please give us the address and name of the contact person and how you are related to him and we will do all the rest of the work to describe our products to them in a very colourful way.
If we can strike a deal with them, we will be glad to give you an interesting quantity of free jewelry. Contact us and get up to $500 of wonderful jewelry. 


Affiliate programs 

We are extremely interested in doing affiliate programs with anyone who has a large quantity of names in his list. Affiliates have a percentage of sales for every jewelry sold. So, please contact us if you need more details this affiliate program. You can also have several $100 in jewelry reward by connecting us to anyone who is interested in an affiliate program. 


Fundraising events 

We also want to organize fundraising events for various groups: yoga groups, non-profit organisations… any group of people who is seeking a colourful and interesting ways to collect funds for their various needs. If you have connections with any group people which understands rarity and value of natural stone jewelry, please contact us. 


Note on postal charges: 

Postal charges can be very expensive. 

Sometimes, we may have to charge you the postage of our free jewelry, especially if you live outside of Canada. This will be decided according to you address. 

But, of course, for those who give us special and outstanding help we will gladly send the jewelry free of charge to you whenever possible.

Please contact us to give us a detailed proposition