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Ayurvedic Jewelry

We want to introduce a special jewelry called “Ayurvedic Jewelry”

All fine stones likes the one we use at Rassa Natural Stone jewelry can be called “Ayurvedic Jewelry” if one knows how to use them with the science of ayurveda.

Real stones are used for ayurveda, yoga and meditation since time immemorial because of their special affinity with chakras and they carry special powers that are very beneficial for those who know the science.

We have prepared for you a very useful table of properties showing the link between different stones we carry and their ayurvedic nature

We will soon give classes and seminars to teach you how to use this knowledge and the best work.

We also want to find ways for you to have free consultation with ayurvedic doctors so that you can learn how to use stones in the best way.  So, please stay connected to us by registering to our blogs so that you can receive notifications of the many features that we want to present you in relationship with ayurveda and our very unique stone jewelry.

This ayurvedic jewelry is also connected to our very important yoga jewelry and meditation charms.  All of those principles can be used together to have a preventive state of harmonious health.