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For those who love stones and $ : complete kits ready

Great opportunity for those who love stones and $

complete kits ready for you to sell them by yourself !!


The only difficulty will be get the jewelry sent to your particular country
but for now things are reasonably simple for Canada or Thailand.

Follow this link to see a sample offer we do in Thailand

Contact us if you want to sell the jewelry on your area

Excerpt from: “The 1 page Sales Tip summary for Rassa’s Enthusiastic Repeat-Sales partners”

2- Connect more – More intimate approach

a.        Give them specialized knowledge of the stone

                                                               i.      many people prefer to be to be told or guided in their choice stones, so please learn some characteristics of some stones.  Here are 4 of the major stones with one characteristics and learning this might be enough for you.


·         Crystal:  good for purity of heart and thoughts

·         Amethyst: good for intuition and intelligence

·         Garnet: good for giving good energy and protection

·         Rose Quartz: this is the stone to enhance love and attract love in one’s life.


You can also learn of few more stones:  please read our booklet to get more information on stones and interest more to people. 

Many people want to know very fast what stones is best for them without thinking too much: the more you know about the stones, the more you can help them

Excerpt from: “The 1 page Sales Tip summary for Rassa’s Enthusiastic Repeat-Sales partners
(one of the many tols we give you to sell our jewelry)

Question: how can I recognize and name the stones I have on my jewelry

Go to our table of stone properties — here you can see pictures of stones and get valuable info about some of them

Coming soon: a more complete list of stones with pictures

Special Yoga Jewelry : Temple view yantra engrave in real crystal


Ressource link: many gems well described

We work very hard to create materials for you to learn how to use your stone jewelry

  1. Our one page description of stones
  2. Our table of stone properties
  3. Our free online booklet
  4. Our Stone Lovers Club

Here is link to one of the may websites giving a beautiful and interesting presentation of the stones.
It is also very useful for its pictures that helps in recognizing which stones you have on your necklace


Here are extracts from this website:

A magical and symbiotic connection has always existed between human beings and gems. Evidence of gemstones used for healing has been found as far back as the fourth millennium before Christ. Ancient civilizations such as the Chinese, Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks, Romans, or Shamans and Medicine Men have used gemstones for healing in multiple ways – made into powders or elixirs, worn, carried or placed on the body and in ceremonies or rituals. This ancient knowledge has been passed down to our day and with the emerging popularity of holistic health and healing the use of gemstones is again making its way into modern life.



Known as the “Supreme Nurturer”, Jasper reminds us why we are here – to assist others to free themselves from limiting bonds & bring joy & light into the world. Helps to balance & unite the energy of the physical with the spiritual toward the attainment of goals. Can be used when one’s energy is “low” and to provide protection against negativity.

Stone Lovers Club

Much of the information we give about stones are quite confidential and gathered after many years of research and spiritual meditations
As in the ancient tradition of Yoga and Ayurveda of India, the source o most of the knowledge we give, we give the most confidential info only to those who have some minimal qualification.
Lovers are most qualified and we decided to share some of our secrets with members of our Stone Lovers Club
By giving your email address you agree to receive some specials emails from us giving you a few important access
We will also send you priviledge info and special deals once or twice a month
We keep all info confidential. It is so confidential that we do not even ask you for your name: your email address is enough

Natural Jewelry in a natural setting

Made with 3 important stones
Crystal, tigers eye (brown), peridot (square)

See our table of properties to learn about those stones


Another beautiful duo

Necklace and bracelet

Made of many stones


A well balanced opinion about the powers of crystals

There are many opinions about the powers of crystals. Here is a well balanced one

Should you decide to delve into these ancient natural healing methods, the biggest caution is to be aware that the stones you buy are authentic, unaltered and real nature stones, not man made. The natural healing powers of crystals has been used by centuries in rituals and as a belief that they can channel energy into positive feelings and health benefits for people who let the crystals use their power. Today, crystal healing is considered an alternative healing method. While science can understand how and why crystals work with technological instruments, they cannot understand tje connection these gemstones may have with healing.  Read the full article

and that’s why we focus so much in using only real stones for our jewelry

PS: A thought: If science cannot understand the healing powers of stones this can easily be a limitation of science, or a lack of interest in its capacity for warfare?

While I studied geology at the university we where not required to ask questions that were not subject to the exam!

Beautiful duo

Necklace and bracelet

made with rose quartz and carnelian (orange)