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Christmass Special

Our Christmass Special is available

only for those who want to sell our jewelry in a wholesale market or retail store

If you are interested. please contact us

New catalog available

Our new catalog is available only for those who want to sell our jewelry in a wholesale market or retail store

If you need it please contact us



Sorry for the inconvenience of missing photos

What a calamity!

Most of our photos had disappeared from the website because of server mistakes

Hopefully this wont happen again

Also: the website Posterous.com has been closed down when they were bought by twitter: this is very irresponsible of them and we regret to have trusted a third party. We are trying to bring back these photos on the website gradually


If it does and you need to see photos of our products please contact us privately — we will try to send you some


Some of our model made in the past

Those have been designed in spring 2008

Jewelry in a small box

Even a very small box makes a nice gift presentation


Follow the carving on the stone


The necklace above is done with a special yantra pendant, an engraving done in the quartz crystal that is used in advanced tantric and vedantic meditations that is similar to the yantra below


We explain these advance meditations in our 1 or 2 weeks stone meditation retreats

Most amazing meditations with 7 chakra pendants

Some of our best necklaces are made with 7 chakras pendants such as this one below


Those pendants can e source of endless amounts of meditations if one knows th values of Chakras as depicted in those 2 tables given here (source of those tables is given to credit those who did this wonderful work)





Much more info on how to use 7 chakra pendants
just follow our Category Tread : Yoga Jewelry

Don’t forget to get FREE Jewelry

See all details by following this link: http://rassa.biz/free/


Om: a clear symbol of higher consciousness


4 tips for those who may have an interest in selling our jewelry

  1. Go to our web page : Make $
  2. Important tip: To see other opportunities click on the CATEGORY Opportunity
  3. Learn about our presentation philosophy by reading and meditation on all texts of our CATEGORY Presentation
  4. Get access to our dedicated special website giving all tools for profitable sales in one of the choice of CONTACT US
    (this is where all the best information is)