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A well balanced opinion about the powers of crystals

There are many opinions about the powers of crystals. Here is a well balanced one

Should you decide to delve into these ancient natural healing methods, the biggest caution is to be aware that the stones you buy are authentic, unaltered and real nature stones, not man made. The natural healing powers of crystals has been used by centuries in rituals and as a belief that they can channel energy into positive feelings and health benefits for people who let the crystals use their power. Today, crystal healing is considered an alternative healing method. While science can understand how and why crystals work with technological instruments, they cannot understand tje connection these gemstones may have with healing.  Read the full article

and that’s why we focus so much in using only real stones for our jewelry

PS: A thought: If science cannot understand the healing powers of stones this can easily be a limitation of science, or a lack of interest in its capacity for warfare?

While I studied geology at the university we where not required to ask questions that were not subject to the exam!