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Archive | February, 2013

Some of our brand new models

Know what you wear

To wear a jewelry with higher knowledge and consciousness
brings higher bliss, deeper pleasures


Here is the cover of this booklet below


We sold over 25 000 of our booklets in the past 12 years
to anyone interested in all the aspects of the stones we have

This booklet will soon be available on the web to our club members

Stay tuned to this blog to see when this will be available!

Lapis Lazuli

one of our favorite stone 

We always have some in stock 


How to use and understand our Yoga Jewelry

We made the following table
that we will explain later how to use it for yoga, meditation, arveda and many other activities

Note: This table has only 3 of our 35 stones
Just to give you an idea


Sale of the month: Valentine day special

For this month we cannot escape having something for Valentine’s day


The major stone of this necklace is ROSE QUARTZ: the stone of love


Sorry this sale is closed.
Don’t miss our next sale the first of next month.  Register to receive all blog post by email to be sure to receive a notice by email
because the sale lasts for only one day