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Archive | January, 2013

For those who care for multi-dimentional beauty


More details on our introduction presentation page

It’s all about the presentation



We work hard
not only to present you nice jewelry
but to show you how you can fully enjoy
all the benefits of real stones
with our cards, our texts and our elaborate website

When does a Jewel becomes a Talisman?

To answer this one most have a good understanding of nature
and what is beyond nature


Description of the necklace above: This is one of our design done specially for our Yoga Jewelry
The stone of the necklace is the amethyst, related with the 6th Chakra (3rd eye)
The engraving of Krishna (also known as Yogeshvara: the master of the master of yoga (Shiva))
is done in pure cristal

Please try to not look in her eyes

Please look at our jewelry if you can

try to not look in her eyes ;)


We love stone jewelry
but people always comes first

First very serious workshop announcement


We are in a very special type of business


Make $




At Rassa Natural Stone Jewelry
we give priority to our resellers

That’s why we dont sell much jewelry trough our website
we prefer that those who got in touch with our jewelry
go back to where they get their first jewelry
to buy more from them

and if you are interested
in selling our jewelry
you can contact us

No need to be a big store owner
anyone who has a website or a tablet
can sell our jewelry easily

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More than just good looks


Another basis of our presentation